A warm welcome from James Griffiths - Head

I believe childhood is the most precious period in a person’s life. It is our earliest experiences that help    shape healthy and successful futures and this is why it is critical for schools to get education right. At        Dallington we understand how fundamental this is. Our school is a habitat for creativity and wonder,      where  children are deeply engaged through a play- based, explorative and personalised approach to        learning. We provide a holistic, child-centered educational experience and prioritise building strong      relationships with both children and parents. These key ingredients enable our children’s potential to be unlocked, ensuring they flourish at school and beyond both academically and emotionally as happy,  confident  individuals. Dallington is a school with children at its heart in the very heart of London and I feel privileged to be the Head of this vibrant school community. 

Dallington - a school that will let your child's personality fly high!



3-5 years
This is where life at Dallington begins! The children in our Nursery are taught by qualified teachers working with long-serving, experienced NVQ3 qualified assistants. A place in
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5-7 years
In Transition we aim to foster independent learning, develop key skills and nurture creative expression, within a supportive learning environment and through cross-curricular
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Middle School

7-11 years
On entering Middle School Dallington children are encouraged to take even more responsibility both for their own learning and as a group member. Our curriculum continues to be
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What's happening at Dallington


  • 01 Sep
    Staff Return for the Autumn Term - Inset
    8:00 to 16:00
  • 02 Sep
    All Staff In - Inset
    8:00 to 16:00
  • 05 Sep
    All Staff In - Inset
    8:00 to 16:00
  • 06 Sep
    Children Return for the Autumn Term
  • Dallington School is like a gem in the city… the kids don't feel pressured however they do feel… a wish to achieve.  This is brilliant – trust the children and provide them with the space and education to help them grow.  My child has become really inquisitive about the world since starting at Dallington.

  • Both our… DCs were encouraged in non-competitive way and flourished. They left the school with what I felt was a genuine love of learning and self motivation which has served them well at secondary… Can’t speak highly enough of the school.

  • I'm so impressed with the way that Dallington's swung into action - from a letter at 5.30 one afternoon to being totally up and running for home school by 9 the next morning is a massive achievement. The kids are totally engaged, and I can't thank Milko and Ed enough for their calmness in dealing with it all, and the way that they're keeping the kids enthusiastic. They're really happy, and so am I (and relieved!). Thanks everyone, and keep up with the good work, I really am seriously impressed....

  • A wonderful first school for both my children - friendly and caring staff with a relaxed and cheerful attitude to education that gives confidence and an enthusiasm to learn that continues today. Thank you Dallington.

    Former parent